White Giant

White Giant is a politically active world.

White Giant header01 White Giant

White Giant was the 3rd world to start and it is one of the most active worlds. It is composed of 10 continents.

There are several large federations and federation networks in White Giant.
The largest federation network you may find on WG are: War Ensemble, NATO, NATO ISAF and Xion Knights.

The White Giant Commonwealth (WGC) federation, previously known as White Giant Protectorate from March to June 2006, is a federation located only on the White Giant server of the Simcountry game.

The WGC is an established world federation that strives to accommodate new players by offering extensive training in several areas of the Simcountry game. What makes our federation unique is the number of veteran players that are either directly associated with our federation or support it. The success of the WGC has been that members help each other to better perform in the game and pursue a common goal.

The White Giant Commonwealth is a federation on the White Giant server of the Simcountry game. The WGC is recognized to be one of the world leading federations on White Giant.

We now have an IRC channel ! Come and talk to us.

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