The Kebir Blue World

Kebir Blue was the first world created in Simcountry, on May 8, 2001

Kebir Blue header01 The Kebir Blue World

Due to hardware and software limitations of the time, Kebir Blue was and is smallest world with, currently, 3,061 countries. This “smallest world” status was broken for a small period when Little Upsilon first started running.

It is common to see players refer to Kebir Blue by his initials KB. KB runs four game months per real day, making it the second fastest world of all.

A few months after Golden Rainbow was born, KB become the most peaceful world of all. This peace was only broken by periodic world wars.

Since war was infrequent, KB became the economic world by default. Players who didn’t like the penalties which came with peaceful countries decided to stay or to move to KB, where the need for a military was virtually none. Besides the lack of animosity and fear, there was plenty of room to grow, with economic role-models and a helping hand on every corner.

These days, after a series of events, KB is a more mature world regarding the military aspect of the game. However, a mature and diplomatic mind grew with the increasing militarisation of the world, ensuring a peaceful environment. The space available to grow significantly decreased, like in all worlds, after W3C begun advertising more regularly.

The largest federations on Kebir Blue are the Economic Powerhouse, The Protectorate and The Commission. The three largest common markets are Powerhouse Protectorate CM, La Cosa Nostra and A Better Place to Trade.

These days, Kebir Blue is still the most peaceful world of all five, and you can still find help when needed.

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