Little Upsilon

Little Upsilon is the newest addition to Simcountry, and boasts the fastest game time progression.

Little Upsilon header01 Little Upsilon

The world is mainly economic based – players take advantage of the fast time rate in order to build economies quickly and the reap the benefits. However, LU also boasts some of the largest military empires on the game.

Two federations have come into the fore on this world; Lacerta Defense Initiative and Valde Subsidium. The former being created by Pink Floyd, and the latter by John R. These two federations act as the two balancing forces; one of destruction and one of building. Valde is one of the oldest federations on the world.

Little Upsilon is newest of the 5 worlds to join Simcountry. It is also the second smallest with 3,467 countries and the fastest, running 6 game month per day. As of July 2nd 2011, this is no longer the case, as Fearless Blue runs at 6 game months per day also.

LU is known for it’s ‘high calibre’ of players, similar to Kebir Blue, making the world mainly peaceful.

Little Upsilon is a small and mainly economic based world, which most players use to generate assets due to the fast timescale. Politics remains relatively civilised, the world being dominated by three or four large federations, such as The Mob, Free Nations, and Valde Subsidum. ‘Aggressive negotiations’ can play a part once a players assets are threatened by hostile bidding or military action, yet due to the high prices of weapons on the LU market, the favored response to this is often strategic.

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