Fearless Blue

Fearless Blue, as all Worlds in Simcountry, has an acronym; this is: FB.

Fearless Blue header01 Fearless Blue

FB dons the name “The War World”. Overall poor world economy.

Fearless Blue was the second world created in the CentauDos Galaxy. It is larger than Kebir Blue with 6159 countries. It also runs 6 game months each day.

The Fearless Blue world is less peaceful. It is in fact the war world of the five and not easy for beginners. Some warlords on Fearless Blue like hunting for easy to conquer countries and attack new players as soon as their empires reach the higher war levels.

It is very highly recommended that players experiment on the other worlds and meet long term players there before moving to Fearless Blue. Peaceful playing is not permitted in Fearless Blue but temporary war protection is an option.

The attributes of FB are:

  • 4 game months a day;
  • No secured Mode
  • War Protection necessary to Avoid War now Fearless Blue

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