Respect of Others

This is the second, yet equally important, role in being a president.

respect header01 Respect of Others

Thousands of people play the game, all wanting to enjoy it in their own way.

Each has their right to enjoy the game, however, once you violate another players ability to do so without valid reason, you also forego your right to be respected by the international community.

Any player violating the rights of another without just reason, will often have the same done to them in short order.

  • Respect: Every player has the right to enjoy the game, without hindrance or constraint. In violating this, an aggressor also voids their own right, and the federation should do everything in their power to encourage justice.
  • Justice: No player should be harassed, bullied or attacked without due cause, the federation should intervene to mediate if asked, and help in whatever way suits the greatest good.
  • Objectivity: The federation must remain neutral to all disputes, and act in a way which most benefits LU; upholding the ideals of Respect and Justice.

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