You do not need to pay for services

You are free to make a choice to pay for some of the services offered by SimCountry or you may decide not to use any of the services that require a payment.

There are no obligations for either party or any expectations that result from your decision to pay or not to pay for services or from winning awards in the game.

You are free to use some of the services on the site without any payment. These limited services are provided for free for an initial try-out period that is now set for two weeks but may vary from time to time without any prior notice or any obligation by W3creative (Legal entity of SimCountry)  to announce such changes ahead of time. Following the tryout period you are given the choice to pay for the service or to terminate the use of the site. You are free to register again on the site and start a new tryout period.

You may decide to pay for services
You may decide to pay for the services. Such decision is at your own will by clicking on the payment functions on the site and providing credit card info as required. Such payments may result in additional services and privileges that are only available to users who decide to pay for these services.

You accept that the decision to pay for the services does not give you any additional rights. You accept that there is no obligation for w3creative to make any difference in the services provided on the site other than explained previously. You accept that this agreement remains identical for users who decide to pay for the services and the users who decide to use the services without payment.

All payments you have made when you joined Simcountry or additional payments while using services, are irrevocable. These payments are made as a contribution to W3creative for the privilege of playing the Simcountry game as Premium Members. As stated before, you are free to pay if you want to. There is no obligation to pay. If a you do not want to pay you can leave the Simcountry game or play for free during the initial period.

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