Economic Growth and Market Manipulation

This is an area where lots of players find their interests lie.

Market Manipulation header01 Economic Growth and Market Manipulation

Players can strategically buy and sell stock, hoping to predict the market and gain money once the selected product is in shortage. They can use many different Economic Strategies, including Ceo corporation based, State/Public corporation based, or a mixture of the two. There is a fully active share market in each world, in which shares can be bought and sold in order to achieve profit with market fluctuations or to receive a steady income from the corporation dividend each month.

Growth can be achieved through changes in the education system, with a higher ‘Teacher’ Education Priority, more teachers will be trained, and thus more schools can be built, leading to a higher trained workforce, and leaning towards a high-tech corporation economy. The Salaries of each worker type can be changed at will, higher wages stimulate higher tax revenue and higher commercial activity, whereas a lower salary base can encourage CEO’s to move in, or enable the maintenance of a large army.

An increasing number of countries in all worlds are now profitable and their economies are doing good. This is an improvement on the previous situation when many new players have not succeeded in reaching a profitable situation.

We have added features that help new players by setting some essential parameters to support the economy. More will be done in the near future to help new players. Direct financial support to such players becomes less essential. It will remain but at lower levels.

At the same time, numbers in Simcountry continue to decline. The exchange rate is now around 90B per gold coin and many other base values have changed along with the declining exchange rate.

Corporations that used to make profits at the level of 2B per game month while the exchange rate was 300B per gold coin may now see their profits becoming lower but in terms of gold coins, the profits are now much higher.

Corporation values are lower. A corporation that had a market value of 3T while the exchange rate was 300B per gold coin had a value of 10 gold coins.
Now or in the future, it may have a market value of 1T with an exchange rate of 90B per gold coins or 11 Gold coins.

The process is slow with wide fluctuations that depend on the markets but the trend is was toward lower values in game money but higher values in gold coins.

Watching the account status pages, you can see a continuous increase of assets values across all the worlds.

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