Private Corporations produce all the products that are used by all countries and they can generate high profits.

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These  corporate profits are an essential part of the country’s income.

Check whether your corporations are running at full capacity. Find the reasons if they do not, and try to improve. Tune sale strategies to make sure your corporations sell everything they produce and make sure they get the raw materials they need for production at full capacity.

Check the world market and find out which products are in short supply and strengthen your economy by setting up corporations that produce these products. Upgrade the quality and efficiency of your corporations, to make them more competitive. Make sure your education system produces the professionals you need in your corporations and try to achieve a 100% hiring levels in all your corporations. It is better to have a smaller number of corporations producing at full capacity than a larger number, with lower production levels. Low production corporations are not profitable.

The Corporation’s Super Booster
A new booster is introduced today that boosts a single corporation to a level of 100 quality upgrades and 100 efficiency upgrades in a single action.

The starting position of the corporation does not make any difference in the way the booster works. If the corporation was already upgraded to a level of 120, the result will be the same. The corporation will be upgraded to a level of 200. (Base level of 100 and 100 upgrades). One single booster is needed to upgrade both the quality and efficiency.

The booster requires 10 GCs and extends the expiration date of the country by 10 days.

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