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Countries need many products and their corporations buy raw materials and sell their produce.

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Most of the buying and selling takes place on the world market. Trading is massive with many thousands of transactions taking place in real time 24 hours a day in all worlds. The world market is a true market with price fluctuations depending on demand and supply.

Many of the corporations are public and their shares are traded on the stock market. All players have access to the stock market and use it to invest some of their reserves and to try and gain control of corporations they are interested in.

The cash market in Simcountry offers the possibility to exchange game assets and virtual money into Gold Coins and use these Gold Coins to purchase other assets and game privileges.

Assets that can be traded include countries that are part of an empire, Enterprises in all worlds, Corporations and game money that the player earned while playing countries and Enterprises. Presidents/leaders are also able to exchange population in their over populated countries for Gold Coins, transferring the people into a country with low population, allowing it to grow faster.

At a later stage, assets trading will be extended with Mining concessions, oil and gas winning concessions and other rights to natural resources in various parts of all worlds and with world corporations that will be large conglomerates of up to 20 merged corporations selling many different products.

The cash market offers more information about the value of resources in the countries and enterprises in all worlds. The information makes it easier for players to estimate the value of assets and their capacity to generate profits.

When a player is trading a game asset for Gold Coins, the Gold Coins are added to his account in the game.

When a player is trading a game asset for Gold Coins, the Gold Coins are added to his/her account in the game. Gold coins can, under some conditions be exchanged into cash. The money is paid out into a Paypal account.

Conversions can take place if the account retains 500 Gold Coins after the conversion. W3creative has set minimum amount for payment using Paypal of US $ 25 The amount is set to reduce administration and bank costs that are involved with very small transactions. Gold coins can of course be used to purchase various privileges and boosters in the game.

The exchange of gold coins into cash can be turned off and conditions can be changed without prior notification.

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