Awards in Simcountry

Awards are given each month to the top players in each world. There are awards for presidents and for Enterprise CEOs.

awards Awards in Simcountry

Top top prizewinners in each world, both the president and the top CEO, become members of the hall of fame and members of the Security Council for a period of 6 months. They cannot win any awards during that period.

Winning awards larger than 30 Gold Coins will prevent you from winning in the following 2 months.


The table below is updated several times each day.
NOTE: Thousands of Gold Coins are given as Game Level Awards each month.

World Highest
noimg Awards in Simcountry Lowest
noimg Awards in Simcountry Total
noimg Awards in Simcountry Number of Awards
worldgold64 Awards in Simcountry Golden Rainbow 190 GCs 17 GCs 924 GCs 26
globe16 Awards in Simcountry Fearless Blue 209 GCs 17 GCs 990 GCs 27
globe16 Awards in Simcountry White Giant 175 GCs 17 GCs 909 GCs 27
globe16 Awards in Simcountry Kebir Blue 201 GCs 17 GCs 998 GCs 28
globe16 Awards in Simcountry Little Upsilon 192 GCs 17 GCs 883 GCs 23

play now Awards in Simcountry

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  1. “I really appreciate all of your help. I think I am falling in love with the game all over again (I used to be a member but then stopped playing for several months).”

    Have an awesome weekend!

    Ken (Richard II)
    President of KENNIKOSLAVIA on Little Upsilon


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