You do not need to pay for services

You are free to make a choice to pay for some of the services offered by SimCountry or you may decide not to use any of the services that require a payment.

There are no obligations for either party or any expectations that result from your decision to pay or not to pay for services or from winning awards in the game.

You are free to use some of the services on the site without any payment. These limited services are provided for free for an initial try-out period that is now set for two weeks but may vary from time to time without any prior notice or any obligation by W3creative (Legal entity of SimCountry)  to announce such changes ahead of time. Following the tryout period you are given the choice to pay for the service or to terminate the use of the site. You are free to register again on the site and start a new tryout period.

You may decide to pay for services
You may decide to pay for the services. Such decision is at your own will by clicking on the payment functions on the site and providing credit card info as required. Such payments may result in additional services and privileges that are only available to users who decide to pay for these services.

You accept that the decision to pay for the services does not give you any additional rights. You accept that there is no obligation for w3creative to make any difference in the services provided on the site other than explained previously. You accept that this agreement remains identical for users who decide to pay for the services and the users who decide to use the services without payment.

All payments you have made when you joined Simcountry or additional payments while using services, are irrevocable. These payments are made as a contribution to W3creative for the privilege of playing the Simcountry game as Premium Members. As stated before, you are free to pay if you want to. There is no obligation to pay. If a you do not want to pay you can leave the Simcountry game or play for free during the initial period.

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Secured Mode

Secured Mode is a form of War Protection made available to leader countries.

War Protection header01 Secured ModeWhen activated, the country cannot be attacked, is immune to fallout, and cannot attack other players. Countries in Secured Mode may, however, attack computer controlled countries. It does not exist on Fearless Blue.

Secured mode can be turned off if the country has its entire military activated and if its combined offensive and strategic indexes are below 300. Nations in secured mode can still participate in federations, but they will not be dragged into any wars made by or on the federation. Leader countries should never be taken out of secured mode, and as a result should have as small an army as possible. Instead, countries in secured mode are often turned into an economical powerhouse that can fund their slave countries in whatever they do, whether it be war or further economical development.

Simcountry ensures the security of assets for all players and offer war protection features to any players who are not interested in the war game. War is an important feature in the game and any of the war protection features can be turned off by anyone who does not want to use them.

The Fearless Blue world does not have the Secured Mode features and the risk of a disastrous war remains high. Players on all worlds can always turn temporary war protection on and prevent war even if the secured mode option is turn off. The Secured Mode feature protects the leader country in each empire. Single countries are considered to be leader countries and are also protected.

The temporary war protection features already offer the same functionality. The secured mode feature removes the need for gold coins for the protection of the leading country in each empire and of all single countries.

Secured mode is important in the reduction of the high risk to many players, both new and experienced, from oversized and far too strong empires that are praying on them.

Hard playing is possible on all worlds as an option, not the default. Empire leaders will be in secured mode unless they choose to remove their own protection.

More players in Simcountry are interested in building successful countries and enterprises and are ready to invest time and money to grow their holdings and create valuable assets.

Asset creation is futile if it is possible for anyone with unlimited military power, to destroy any country in an hour or two. A lot of effort and investments can go down the drain while the player is hardly interested in war.

Simcountry introduced many new features that are aimed at the creation of more valuable assets that can be traded on the free market. New features will include the design and production of customized products, concessions for the mining of raw materials and the creation and trading on the free market of super corporations that can provide long-term profitability.

All this requires security for the players and a guarantee that their assets only depend on their own doing and not on an arbitrary decision of a warlord.

Warlords do have a place in the game. The war game remains part of all worlds. It is played by everyone on Fearless blue and by every player who wants it, on all other worlds.

All leader countries in Kebir Blue, White Giant, Golden Rainbow and Little Upsilon are automatically placed in secured mode. Leader countries are leaders of all empires and presidents of all “single” countries that do not have an empire. A country in secured mode cannot be attacked by anyone. There is no war and no sneak attacks.

A country in secured mode can wage war against a country that does not have a president (Computer Controlled Country or as frequently referred to as C3). A country in secured mode cannot attack any country with a president.

Secured countries can be members of federations and participate in the defense but they do not go to war as a result of any decision by the empire and they do not engage in war as a result of a war treaty. Only the leader country can be in secured mode. Other countries in empires are never in secured mode.

Players can turn temporary war protection on for some of their other countries or for their entire empire and can choose to leave some or all of their “slave” countries without war protection.

One month worth of temporary war protection is given to all unprotected countries in the game for every 10 game months played. It is sufficient for periods when the player is on vacation or not available. Additional war protection can be purchased with boosters.

Turning secured mode on and off
Turning the secure mode on or off is limited and only possible under strict conditions.

The reason is that countries in secured more are able to build an army. The can purchase many weapons and prepare for war. Most of them will use these weapons to supply their slave countries but some can decide to arm and then drop the secured mode and attack others who are not prepared and are in fact ambushed by the change of mode.

This is why a change from secured mode is only possible if all weapons the country has are activated (no reserves) and the combined offensive and strategic indexes of the country are at a level of less than 300.

The change from secured mode does not enable the leading country to start a large war and it does not pose an immediate danger to any other country.

Under such conditions, a leader can decide to turn off the secured mode. Such a decision can have severe consequences because the country becomes vulnerable. Temporary war protection can be used but the decision to turn the secured mode off will probably be taken if the leader country wants to go to war.

Secured mode can be turned on again. A country can turn on its secured mode if it is not engaged in war (Except for a war with a C3 country), and only if it has not been in secured mode for at least two game months.

Changing the empire leader
When an empire wants to change the leader country, the change will involve a change in the country that is in secured mode. The new leader country must not be engaged in war when the change occurs (except for a war against a C3 country). When the leader country is changed, the new leader automatically moves into secured mode. The old leader will loose its secured status simultaneously.

If the departing leader country was in secured mode, the change is only possible if the conditions for mode change are met. If the departing leader is not in secured mode, the incoming leader will also have no secured mode and the change is only subject to the minimum waiting period between such changes.

Switching leadership is only possible once in two weeks.

New players in secured mode

The Role of Leader Countries
Leader countries, both empire leaders and single countries are the main locations for growth and creation of valuable assets. These countries are also able to build strategic reserves, both in materials that are used in the empire, raw materials that are used in corporations in the empire and also weapons and ammunition that can be delivered to other countries in the empire that are preparing for war.

Storing materials and assets in the leader country eliminates the risk for these assets and makes long-term investments and planning much more reliable.

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Politics and Dealing With Other players

Another important aspect of the game is relations with other players.

GOTW header021 Politics and Dealing With Other players

Deals and co-operative economics can be delved into – A friendly ally will build more corporations in your coountry. Or sell you goods that your country needs, via contract.

Politics is a weird concept. It takes into account respect of you for others, and theirs for you, the weight your words carry is often influenced by this, and thus your actions often determine how other players interact with you on every level.

Countries need many products and their corporations buy raw materials and sell their produce. Most of the buying and selling takes place on the world market. Trading is massive with many thousands of transactions taking place in real time 24 hours a day in all worlds. The world market is a true market with price fluctuations depending on demand and supply.

Many of the corporations are public and their shares are traded on the stock market. All players have access to the stock market and use it to invest some of their reserves and to try and gain control of corporations they are interested now Politics and Dealing With Other players

Respect of Others

This is the second, yet equally important, role in being a president.

respect header01 Respect of Others

Thousands of people play the game, all wanting to enjoy it in their own way.

Each has their right to enjoy the game, however, once you violate another players ability to do so without valid reason, you also forego your right to be respected by the international community.

Any player violating the rights of another without just reason, will often have the same done to them in short order.

  • Respect: Every player has the right to enjoy the game, without hindrance or constraint. In violating this, an aggressor also voids their own right, and the federation should do everything in their power to encourage justice.
  • Justice: No player should be harassed, bullied or attacked without due cause, the federation should intervene to mediate if asked, and help in whatever way suits the greatest good.
  • Objectivity: The federation must remain neutral to all disputes, and act in a way which most benefits LU; upholding the ideals of Respect and Justice.

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The Security Council

The security council consists of the top and most active players on the worlds.

Security Council header01 The Security Council

They make decisions regarding the peace and prosperity of the world. A non-security country can propose that a certain contry be restricted from certain actions. Such as having nukes, havig nuclear facilities and using nuclear attacks.

They can also force peace treaties and give untied developmental aid.

Each world in Simcountry has a security council. The members of the Security Council are presidents of countries that have won a first place in their world. Each SC member will remain in the Security Council for 6 months.

The Security Council has 15 members, all different players. Any double membership is cancelled and the number of members will be increased by random choice of countries.

A country president can be chosen if he is an active player, meaning that he has logged in very recently. Randomly chosen Security Council members will stay for two real months and will be removed from the council following that period. They may be chosen again immediately by the same random process but that is unlikely.

Security Council members can cancel their membership. If any player is not interested in being a member, he/she can cancel the membership and will be removed immediately.

The random process can put these members back into the council but the chance is not very high and they are free to remove themselves again.

The random process will check the membership in the council each game month. If the number is lower than 15, it will add one member. If membership is very low, filling up the council up to 15 members may take several game months.

The SC members can bring up proposals for a general vote. Only proposals that have been accepted in the SC will be brought up for a general vote.

The SC needs a majority of votes for a proposal to be accepted. Any four members of the SC can together block a decision from moving to a general vote.

A proposal that was accepted by the council becomes a resolution. Resolutions are put to a vote by all countries and can be accepted by a simple majority.

All members (all countries) pay the SC a fee that depends on the population of the country. The fee is 100 million per 5 millions in population. The population is rounded up to a 5 million multiply. A country with a population of 7 million is paying 200 million per game month. A country with a population of 32 million, pays 700 million per month.

The use of the money is subject to resolutions by the council and the members.

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Enjoying the Game

Simcountry is a ‘game’ by definition, meaning it’s primary function is to provide entertainment for users.

entertainment header01 Enjoying the Game

As an in-depth (and sometimes challenging) game, it is ideally suited for those who wish to nurture a virtual country which can reflect their ideals or theories.

If you were made President, what would you do to your country? There are many areas of the game which fascinate most users.

As mentioned earlier, this is not an action game. This is a simulation game. If you want to go from noob to attacking JoJotheHuns entire empire in a week, this game may not be right for you. This game is for the more dedicated type of player that enjoys developing a large empire over quite a few months of time.

You will spend several weeks or months developing your country to sustain an economy and, maybe someday, an army worth using in a fight. So, this guide will take you through the steps of setting up your country, improving its economy, and getting ready for your first fight.

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The Game

An economic-strategic game that can be played by anyone who is interested in running a country or a group of large corporations.

GOTW header01 The Game

You do not need any prior knowledge as we help you as you go. Everyone of 15 years and older can play:

  • You can play it easy, letting the system assist you or you can do everything yourself.
  • You can buy and sell products, build schools or wage war.
  • Trade with your neighbours or put products on the market.
  • You compete against thousands of other players around the world who are your neighbours in the world or are running their corporations in that world.


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At the present time, Simcountry runs five worlds: Kebir Blue, Fearless Blue, White Giant, Golden Rainbow and, the newest one, Little Upsilon.

Worlds header01 Worlds

You are free to register on any of these five worlds, as a President or (twice as) a CEO.

If you are thinking of playing Simcountry again or expanding into other worlds, you should read this page, given it will give you some information on every world’s profile.

Each world runs separately from the others on its own server. Most game functions are limited to a single world. On the cash market, many transactions are possible between countries in different worlds. Each world has 10 continents with 3100 to 6400 countries per world.

The worlds look differently and do not resemble any areas in the real world.

Three of the five worlds run one game month in 8 hours. Kebir Blue runs four game months per 24 hours while Little Upsilon, the youngest world, runs six game months each day. The processing of the countries and their corporations with trading running at the same time, starts generally at about 5.20AM, 12.20PM and 7.20PM EST. Countries are processed one by one and all their corporations are evaluated and processed at the same time. The processing schedule may however differ depending on system load and maintenance activities.

Not all the countries can be process at the same time and depending on their location in the database they might run early in the process or much later. There are no advantages or disadvantages linked to the position in the database.

Trading runs alternately with the processing of the country data. The trading process handles one product at a time. It reads all the requests and offers for one product, matches them depending on the way they have been offered (Market price fixed price etc) and executes the matched trades immediately. During this month process, each product is traded 6 to 8 times. Each trade session processes the products that are available on the market at that point in time.

A trading session for a single product runs for 1 to 100 seconds depending on the number of product offers and product requests waiting for that specific product. Contracts are processed once per game month, this happens at the first trading session for the product.

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SimCountry is a huge game. It can be played as a ruler, merchant, politician, or a combination of roles.

Simcountry header01 SimCountrySimCountry is a Virtual Worlds Strategy Game and a Massive Online Simulation Game offering unlimited free membership. There are five virtual worlds running with more than 23.000 virtual countries. SimCountry is a MMORPG where presidents run their own countries, build their economies and compete for power.

War can be part of the game and many large empires try to dominate regions and continents. Playing a peaceful president is an option and many play the economic strategic game and trade virtual assets.
SimCountry is a feature rich internet game and includes virtual share trading in many public corporations. There are large numbers of virtual corporations, run by the president that are producing hundreds of products. Simcountry has a space program, with space stations and active shuttle traffic.

SimCountry players can decide to play the War Game and build a large army that will allow them to attack and conquer neighbouring countries or land forces in other parts of the world and build bridge heads for their empire.

You can decide to purchase weapons or to build military equipment corporations and produce weapons and ammunition for your army, trade in weapons on the market and build strategic stocks for future wars.

There are a variety of possible strategies for success, and many debates about which strategies are most effective.

Each player can develop his own goals and strategies.

The game emphasizes arithmetic, in essence; the actions one takes tend to be numerical, and their consequences are usually expressed numerically as well.

However, SimCountry is arithmetical in a broad, rationalist way, involving logic, associations, commutations, and distributions. Although the actual computations are mostly very simple, quantitative relationships are central. The game is arithmetical in a way similar to chess.

Many things in SimCountry will puzzle you, even after years of playing. You are more likely to find solutions by thinking in terms of the arithmetic of necessary relationships.

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Weapons Listing

Defensive Weapons

Weapons Listing header01 Weapons Listing

  • Defensive Anti Aircraft Missile Battery
  • Armored Vehicle
  • Defense Fortification
  • Defensive Military Airport
  • Defensive Military Base
  • Defensive Missile Battery
  • Destroyer
  • Helicopter
  • Interceptor
  • Jeep
  • Light Artillery
  • Light Tank
  • Missile Interceptor Battery
  • Navy Missile Battery
  • Navy Missile Interceptor Battery
  • Nuclear Defense Battery
  • Radar Plane

Offensive Weapons

  • Aircraft Carrier
  • Offensive Anti Aircraft Missile Battery
  • Anti Tank Missile Battery
  • Attack Boat
  • Attack Destroyer
  • Attack Drone
  • Attack Helicopter
  • Conventional Missile Battery
  • Cruise Missile Ship
  • Fighter Plane
  • Fleet Command
  • Guided Missile Frigate
  • Heavy Armored Vehicle
  • Heavy Artillery
  • Heavy Jeep
  • Heavy Tank
  • Helicopter Carrier
  • Land Based Cruise Battery
  • Land To Sea Missile Battery
  • Long Range Radar Plane
  • Mid Range Missile Battery
  • Military Transport Airplane
  • Navy Fighter Plane
  • Navy Helicopter
  • Offensive Military Airport
  • Offensive Military Base
  • Precision Bomber
  • Rapid Deployment Unit
  • Seals Unit
  • Special Forces Unit
  • Supply Ship

Strategic Weapons

  • Chemical Missile Battery
  • Nuclear Missile Battery
  • Nuclear Submarine
  • Strategic Airport
  • Strategic Bomber
  • Strategic Military Base
  • Tactical Weapons Launcherplay now Weapons Listing