The Markets

Countries need many products and their corporations buy raw materials and sell their produce.

Markets header01 The Markets

Most of the buying and selling takes place on the world market. Trading is massive with many thousands of transactions taking place in real time 24 hours a day in all worlds. The world market is a true market with price fluctuations depending on demand and supply.

Many of the corporations are public and their shares are traded on the stock market. All players have access to the stock market and use it to invest some of their reserves and to try and gain control of corporations they are interested in.

The cash market in Simcountry offers the possibility to exchange game assets and virtual money into Gold Coins and use these Gold Coins to purchase other assets and game privileges.

Assets that can be traded include countries that are part of an empire, Enterprises in all worlds, Corporations and game money that the player earned while playing countries and Enterprises. Presidents/leaders are also able to exchange population in their over populated countries for Gold Coins, transferring the people into a country with low population, allowing it to grow faster.

At a later stage, assets trading will be extended with Mining concessions, oil and gas winning concessions and other rights to natural resources in various parts of all worlds and with world corporations that will be large conglomerates of up to 20 merged corporations selling many different products.

The cash market offers more information about the value of resources in the countries and enterprises in all worlds. The information makes it easier for players to estimate the value of assets and their capacity to generate profits.

When a player is trading a game asset for Gold Coins, the Gold Coins are added to his account in the game.

When a player is trading a game asset for Gold Coins, the Gold Coins are added to his/her account in the game. Gold coins can, under some conditions be exchanged into cash. The money is paid out into a Paypal account.

Conversions can take place if the account retains 500 Gold Coins after the conversion. W3creative has set minimum amount for payment using Paypal of US $ 25 The amount is set to reduce administration and bank costs that are involved with very small transactions. Gold coins can of course be used to purchase various privileges and boosters in the game.

The exchange of gold coins into cash can be turned off and conditions can be changed without prior notification.

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Fearless Blue

Fearless Blue, as all Worlds in Simcountry, has an acronym; this is: FB.

Fearless Blue header01 Fearless Blue

FB dons the name “The War World”. Overall poor world economy.

Fearless Blue was the second world created in the CentauDos Galaxy. It is larger than Kebir Blue with 6159 countries. It also runs 6 game months each day.

The Fearless Blue world is less peaceful. It is in fact the war world of the five and not easy for beginners. Some warlords on Fearless Blue like hunting for easy to conquer countries and attack new players as soon as their empires reach the higher war levels.

It is very highly recommended that players experiment on the other worlds and meet long term players there before moving to Fearless Blue. Peaceful playing is not permitted in Fearless Blue but temporary war protection is an option.

The attributes of FB are:

  • 4 game months a day;
  • No secured Mode
  • War Protection necessary to Avoid War now Fearless Blue

Economic Interaction

Many players have played the game for a long time, and invested years of time and effort into their countries.

Economic Interaction header01 Economic Interaction

They do not take kindly to new players attempting to steal corporations, or give them advice on how to manage these corporations.

If you wish to buy a corporation, make sure you message the owner and check with them it is OK, BEFORE you place the bid. Many players respond with force if a corporation is taken from them. It is more profitable to start a new corporation, than to buy an existing one.

There are different economic strategies available, not just one. You can choose from a menu of economic strategies:

1. Corps-based economy. Everyone is familiar with the corps-based economy because it’s the conventional way to make money. The more population you have, the more production you can achieve. And the higher your production, the more potential profits.

2. Gold coin awards. It’s highly profitable to focus on going up levels to win gc awards. It’s realistic to earn 200-300 gc awards per real month per world until you reach high levels. While you’re at it, try to rank #1 to get an extra gc award. This strategy also teaches basic skills.

3. Pillaging. War can be the best Simcountry business. There are c3s and inactive countries with generous assets. Conquer them, pillage them, and then cancel them before war repair costs get high. Wars of pillaging can produce an extremely high return on investment.

4. Trading. Countries and CEOs can profit by buying and selling products. There are always products in surplus that one can buy at below market price. Then when they are in shortage, one can sell them at above market price. One has to pay attention to setting fixed prices when buying or selling. Trading is a simple way to earn some game cash.

5. Other income. The loan market, share market, and cash market offer profitable opportunities. One also can invent hedge strategies, sell consulting services, get employed as a mercenary, or create other entrepreneurial businesses. And there are very profitable loopholes and workarounds in different aspects of the game.

Just like in real life, you can be conventional and depend only on corps for income. Or alternatively, you can be entrepreneurial and choose from a variety of less conventional economic strategies.

Remember that you have plenty of good economic choices, even though it seems that most people focus on the high population/corp-based economy. In Simcountry we have an ancient saying: “Variety is the spice of life.”

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War and Peace

If somebody violates your enjoyment of the game or you simply disagree with their personality or tactics, war is an option.

War and Peace header01 War and PeaceWar, and the building of an army is only recommended AFTER a strong economy has been built. It is impossible to win a war with huge amounts of debt.

Remember, wars are announced via the worldly newspaper, and the international community is always watching. If you are seen as an unjust warmonger, you will gain few friends, and may even be attacked by the larger players.

You can start a war. Click on “War Situation Index” and pick your enemy! Make sure you have at least three defensive radar planes to optimize your air defense and also three offensive radar planes so that you can plan your attack in detail. If you attack, aim at the defense units and garrisons first and destroy them, before you attack the target itself. Sometimes it is better not to destroy the target but rather to move your army units past the unprotected target, and occupy large areas of the enemy’s country. Make sure you have enough well equipped military units with many offensive weapons and ammunition before you start a war.

Fighting wars is not without consequence, though. Beside the bad image you create for yourself, people in both countries will die and your economy will suffer significantly. If things really turn for the worse, your enemy will gain control over your country and transfer money and people to his/her own country.

If your country is conquered, it will become part of his (or her) empire and you will have no control. The country will move from your account to the account of your enemy.

There is no other choice than to choose another country, play it better this time and maybe take revenge some day and even regain control over your old country.

Peace Treaties
You can sign a peace treaty with another country. All peace treaties are enforced by the game procedures and the two parties are unable to declare war on each other for the duration of the agreement. Click on “Peace Treaties” on the left frame or in the menu at the top of the page.

The peaceful game – no defense needed
The first country of each player, on all worlds except for Fearless Blue, is always placed under secured mode and will not participate in any war.

Playing in secured mode, you will be able to build an army and even wage war and conquer a computer controlled country but you will not be able to attack any country with a president and nobody can attack your country.

You play mainly the economic part of the game and you are free from any possible war. Your country cannot be conquered by anyone.

Only one country in your empire is in secured mode (the leader of the empire). All other countries you have conquered or purchased play the full game and do participate in the war game. The leader country is frequently used as a safe place to keep many of the large empire assets including cash and the main corporations.

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Private Corporations produce all the products that are used by all countries and they can generate high profits.

Corporations header01 Corporations

These  corporate profits are an essential part of the country’s income.

Check whether your corporations are running at full capacity. Find the reasons if they do not, and try to improve. Tune sale strategies to make sure your corporations sell everything they produce and make sure they get the raw materials they need for production at full capacity.

Check the world market and find out which products are in short supply and strengthen your economy by setting up corporations that produce these products. Upgrade the quality and efficiency of your corporations, to make them more competitive. Make sure your education system produces the professionals you need in your corporations and try to achieve a 100% hiring levels in all your corporations. It is better to have a smaller number of corporations producing at full capacity than a larger number, with lower production levels. Low production corporations are not profitable.

The Corporation’s Super Booster
A new booster is introduced today that boosts a single corporation to a level of 100 quality upgrades and 100 efficiency upgrades in a single action.

The starting position of the corporation does not make any difference in the way the booster works. If the corporation was already upgraded to a level of 120, the result will be the same. The corporation will be upgraded to a level of 200. (Base level of 100 and 100 upgrades). One single booster is needed to upgrade both the quality and efficiency.

The booster requires 10 GCs and extends the expiration date of the country by 10 days.

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You can easily communicate with other presidents, you can join the Bulletin Board and discuss any issues and you can vote and put your own suggestions to vote by the member community.

Communications header01 Communications

Alliances between players can be formed, if they create and join a Federation which represents their own ideas and values.

Players can post messages on various Forum Topics. Every player can read and respond to the messages posted. You can also start your own conversations and others may participate.

The forum is open for members who are running at least one country or an enterprise.

The SimCountry Communication Menu consist of:

  • Forum
  • Chat
  •  Public Voting
  •  Publish your own Homepage
  •  Preferences
  •  Inbox
  •  My Address Book
  •  Search New Contacts
  •  My Public Profile
  •  Your Blog

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SimCountry is a huge game. It can be played as a ruler, merchant, politician, or a combination of roles.

Simcountry header01 SimCountrySimCountry is a Virtual Worlds Strategy Game and a Massive Online Simulation Game offering unlimited free membership. There are five virtual worlds running with more than 23.000 virtual countries. SimCountry is a MMORPG where presidents run their own countries, build their economies and compete for power.

War can be part of the game and many large empires try to dominate regions and continents. Playing a peaceful president is an option and many play the economic strategic game and trade virtual assets.
SimCountry is a feature rich internet game and includes virtual share trading in many public corporations. There are large numbers of virtual corporations, run by the president that are producing hundreds of products. Simcountry has a space program, with space stations and active shuttle traffic.

SimCountry players can decide to play the War Game and build a large army that will allow them to attack and conquer neighbouring countries or land forces in other parts of the world and build bridge heads for their empire.

You can decide to purchase weapons or to build military equipment corporations and produce weapons and ammunition for your army, trade in weapons on the market and build strategic stocks for future wars.

There are a variety of possible strategies for success, and many debates about which strategies are most effective.

Each player can develop his own goals and strategies.

The game emphasizes arithmetic, in essence; the actions one takes tend to be numerical, and their consequences are usually expressed numerically as well.

However, SimCountry is arithmetical in a broad, rationalist way, involving logic, associations, commutations, and distributions. Although the actual computations are mostly very simple, quantitative relationships are central. The game is arithmetical in a way similar to chess.

Many things in SimCountry will puzzle you, even after years of playing. You are more likely to find solutions by thinking in terms of the arithmetic of necessary relationships.

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Little Upsilon

Little Upsilon is the newest addition to Simcountry, and boasts the fastest game time progression.

Little Upsilon header01 Little Upsilon

The world is mainly economic based – players take advantage of the fast time rate in order to build economies quickly and the reap the benefits. However, LU also boasts some of the largest military empires on the game.

Two federations have come into the fore on this world; Lacerta Defense Initiative and Valde Subsidium. The former being created by Pink Floyd, and the latter by John R. These two federations act as the two balancing forces; one of destruction and one of building. Valde is one of the oldest federations on the world.

Little Upsilon is newest of the 5 worlds to join Simcountry. It is also the second smallest with 3,467 countries and the fastest, running 6 game month per day. As of July 2nd 2011, this is no longer the case, as Fearless Blue runs at 6 game months per day also.

LU is known for it’s ‘high calibre’ of players, similar to Kebir Blue, making the world mainly peaceful.

Little Upsilon is a small and mainly economic based world, which most players use to generate assets due to the fast timescale. Politics remains relatively civilised, the world being dominated by three or four large federations, such as The Mob, Free Nations, and Valde Subsidum. ‘Aggressive negotiations’ can play a part once a players assets are threatened by hostile bidding or military action, yet due to the high prices of weapons on the LU market, the favored response to this is often strategic.

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The Security Council

The security council consists of the top and most active players on the worlds.

Security Council header01 The Security Council

They make decisions regarding the peace and prosperity of the world. A non-security country can propose that a certain contry be restricted from certain actions. Such as having nukes, havig nuclear facilities and using nuclear attacks.

They can also force peace treaties and give untied developmental aid.

Each world in Simcountry has a security council. The members of the Security Council are presidents of countries that have won a first place in their world. Each SC member will remain in the Security Council for 6 months.

The Security Council has 15 members, all different players. Any double membership is cancelled and the number of members will be increased by random choice of countries.

A country president can be chosen if he is an active player, meaning that he has logged in very recently. Randomly chosen Security Council members will stay for two real months and will be removed from the council following that period. They may be chosen again immediately by the same random process but that is unlikely.

Security Council members can cancel their membership. If any player is not interested in being a member, he/she can cancel the membership and will be removed immediately.

The random process can put these members back into the council but the chance is not very high and they are free to remove themselves again.

The random process will check the membership in the council each game month. If the number is lower than 15, it will add one member. If membership is very low, filling up the council up to 15 members may take several game months.

The SC members can bring up proposals for a general vote. Only proposals that have been accepted in the SC will be brought up for a general vote.

The SC needs a majority of votes for a proposal to be accepted. Any four members of the SC can together block a decision from moving to a general vote.

A proposal that was accepted by the council becomes a resolution. Resolutions are put to a vote by all countries and can be accepted by a simple majority.

All members (all countries) pay the SC a fee that depends on the population of the country. The fee is 100 million per 5 millions in population. The population is rounded up to a 5 million multiply. A country with a population of 7 million is paying 200 million per game month. A country with a population of 32 million, pays 700 million per month.

The use of the money is subject to resolutions by the council and the members.

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