The ‘Game of the Worlds’

The ‘Game of the Worlds’

An economic-strategic game that can be played by anyone who is interested in running a country or a group of large corporations.

GOTW header01 The Game of the WorldsYou do not need any prior knowledge as we help you as you go. Everyone of 15 years and older can play:

  • You can play it easy, letting the system assist you or you can do everything yourself.
  • You can buy and sell products, build schools or wage war.
  • Trade with your neighbors or put products on the market.
  • You compete against thousands of other players around the world who are your neighbors in the world or are running their corporations in that world.

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  1. “Simcountry is the most complete game I ever played. It is my pleasure to contribute in my own humble way to this masterpiece”

    Eclipse Empire on White Giant

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